Fill Our New Space!

It’s official: We’ll be opening our doors at 666 S. Jackson Street, right in the heart of the International District! As part of the Seattle Storefronts project, we’ve been granted temporary residency at this fabulous location. Come find out how to submit work for our first juried show, how to become a member and more […]

What’s an "idea"?

This evening, it occurred to me that I didn’t know how to articulate what an “idea” was. Here is the opening few paragraphs of the Wikipedia to help out. It does a fine job giving a general sense; no need to recreate it. In the most narrow sense, an idea is just whatever is before […]

IDEA Odyssey: The Next Big "IDEA"

International Examiner has called us the ‘The Next Big “IDEA”‘! The recently posted article is all about us, and gives the brief synopsis of how we came to be and what’s coming up next. Read the full article here:

Opportunities Sprouting Up All Over

IDEA Odyssey Gallery aims to be a resource for emerging artists. In that spirit, we’ll post information on various artist opportunities. Good luck! Artist Trust’s EDGE program helps artists ramp up the business side of their art through this intensive professional development opportunity. The deadline is fast approaching: April 18th. Bellevue Community College’s Gallery […]

With the advent of spring comes new life

We had our first three artist informational meetings last month. It was our opportunity to connect with artists and to share our vision for IDEA Odyssey. We had some great initial conversations with folks about collective dreams for the gallery and the International District. We have also been busy working behind-the-scenes on creative, operational, and […]