Artist members photo series, DEPARTS, published by Aksgar Magazine

Artist member, Star Rush, has a new photo series, DEPARTS, published in Aksgar Magazine, April 2012.  Aksgar has its origins in India, and it is South Asia’s first online magazine exclusively dedicated to contemporary narrative photography, multimedia work and critical writings on photography.

From the Editor’s Note by Anil Cherukupalli: 

. . . Upon initial viewing of this essay, it is easy to get side tracked by the fact that every photo in it was shot and edited on an iPhone, that wunderkind of our mobile age. But upon repeat viewing, perhaps because of the sense of gloom the subjects in these photos seem to radiate, Departs leaves me with some uncomfortable questions about our collective propensity to generate so much waste. And that, beyond the many technical trivialities that one may want to know on how these photos were produced on a mobile phone, is perhaps the powerful message one needs to absorb from this essay.