Darius Morrison


A snapshot of time. The first image of a baby as seen by potential new parents.
The loss of a name. It is much easier and less emotional to catalog a number
than a name. The loss of a culture. Becoming something, someone new.
Becoming an adoptee.

About the Artist
Hello, I’m a multi-media artist, specializing in linoleum block printing. I use
autobiographic images to explore the complex intersections where my queer,
FTM transgendered and Korean adoptee identities meet. I am currently an artist
member with IDEA Odyssey Gallery, a visual arts collective promoting cultural
diversity, community and economic development in the International District. I’m
an active member of the Pacific Northwest’s queer people of color communities.
In 2003 I co-founded the Queer People of Color Liberation Project (QPOC LP), a
Seattle based multi-racial group of activists and artists dedicated to outreach,
education and healing around racial and gender oppression. My involvement
with this community has included organizing QPOC retreats, artistic direction for
the QPOC LP multi-media performance series, and performance art with
Seattle’s only all-Asian-American drag troupe The Bamboo Clan. During the
day I work for Apple as a software and hardware trainer, at night I play loud and
raucous guitars parts for the all-transgendered art-rock band Nation of Two.


Featured Work
Darrius Morrison "K77-1383"