Frederic Moffet

The Faithful
A project by Frédéric Moffet

Two-channel video installation originally shot on 16mm film
Shot on location at Touché, Chicago’s leather bar since 1977

The two-channel video installation The Faithful revolves around two opposite screens portraying
men of different age, race and style, all active in an intense game of seduction. The performers
all look directly in the camera; the framing remains the same on each wall. Each shot is the
length of a hundred feet of film complete, with the leader and flares at the beginning and end of
each roll. Since the number of portraits is not the same on each side, when the videos loop,
each man will be flirting with a different partner.

Gay bars are usually segregated, desire strictly organized according to specific types based on
nightly themes. The fictional space of the installation imagines the opposite, a queer utopia
where everyone wants everyone, a community based on sameness and difference. The men of
The Faithful are loyal to the politics of early gay liberation, prioritizing the fleeting and the
unknown over more stable and normative arrangements. They are looking back, framed in the
nostalgic grain of black and white 16 mm film, but only to look forward, learning from the past
to find alternative propositions for the present, the future. Ultimately, the act of cruising, of
looking with inquisitive eyes at the possible is what the work demands of the viewer.

David Boyer
Michael C. Connelly
Doug Ischar
Zihan Loo
Ivan Lozano
Aay Preston-Myint
Jules Rosskam
Oliverio Rodriguez
R. Eric Schulze
Robb Stone
Moses Ventura

Camera: Shellie Fleming

Lighting: Meredith Zielke

Assistance: Ivan Lozano


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Frederic Moffet "The Faithful"