Kat Larson


About the Artist
My name is Kat Larson and I am a cross-disciplinary artist practicing in the Pacific Northwest.
I am a painter, sculptor, printmaker and my current artistic focus is exploring the intersections
of new media/digital technologies and performance art. Fueling my practice are themes of
identity and spirituality and investigations of collective consciousness. At the core of my artistic
expressions is a reverence for human connectivities and transformations. Mostly self-taught,
my education includes Cornish College of the Arts and an apprenticeship with artist Catherine
Eaton Skinner.

My work has been exhibited at Sheehan Gallery of Whitman College, The Hedreen Gallery of
Seattle University, and various Seattle based locations such as Seattle New Guard, Seattle Storefront
with Idea/Odyssey, MadArt, NEPO5K and Pun(c)tuation. I am the inaugural artist for the Center for
Art and Thought, founded by Sarita See of UC Davis and scholar Jan Christian Bernabe. (CA+T is a
developing forum for Filipino-American artists, academics and scholars.) My work has been published
by Rutgers University.

Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions with Cairo EXPO91, and Vermillion.


Featured Work
Kat Larson "Bloodfinger" Kat Larson "Love Trust Jimblood"