Minh Carrico

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Artist Statement
Kings to King reflects upon on a number of pivotal transitional periods as a result of a relocating from
Brooklyn to Seattle. The recollections of my previous life in comparison with my new found consciousness
have become intertwined and sometimes faded. The layering of events provides insight to the complexity
of existence while furnishing a segmented memoir.


About the Artist
Minh Carrico is a photographer, designer and educator in Seattle, WA. He received a B.A. in Photo-
communications from St. Edward’s University. His career began with photography while studying in Austin,
Texas and expanded into graphic design while living in New York City. His fine art process includes
photography, video, installation and mix media that addresses cultural and political identity. Minh’s visual
works have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally in magazines, advertisements,
and gallery exhibitions. His work can be found in private and public collections including the American Folklife
Center at the Library of Congress. He is presently a tenured professor and co-chair of the Visual Arts
Department at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA. He is also co-founded the IDEA Odyssey Gallery
in Seattle’s Historic International District, a gallery dedicated to the multi-cultural artist and their visual art work.


Featured Work
Minh Carrico "Walking Mallet" Minh Carrico "Baby Eye" Minh Carrico "Missing Laughs" Minh Carrico "Cool Silence" Minh Carrico "Vermin Directions" Minh Carrico "Stoic Bunny"