Robert Terry II

Artist Statement

Purple Line 213 –

The broken mirror is the distorted, fractured, perspective in which (otherwise perfectly fine-looking people) view themselves…hence the name the broken mirror. They look in the mirror every morning and they see a reflection of themselves but amidst the reflection, there are cracks signifying their insecurities. Each insecurity, each self-proposed fault, is made apparent in the mirror. They begin to believe what they see in the reflection. They feel that if they can see it then others can see it as well. In order to “cover up” those “cracks”, they overcompensate in some areas to attract attention to that area to take the focus off the other. Logically, these issues are aided by how the world displays what beauty is. The world constantly bombards (us) with images and mindsets that aren’t kingdom-like and they begin to chip away at our identities.

The Immigrant –

“Language is a central feature of human identity. When we hear someone speak, we immediately make guesses about gender, education level, age, profession, and place of origin. Beyond this individual matter, a language is a powerful symbol of national and ethnic identity.” – Spolsky