Timothy White Eagle

Timothy’s Artist Statement

I am a White Mountain Apache who after being giving up for adoption, grew up in a lower middle class white home with very little connection to the traditions of my ancestors. In college I studied theater. I became bored with traditional theater and started to create improvisational performance art around Seattle. At the same time I started attending earth based spiritual rituals. I began to incorporate elements of ritual into my performances. The place of creation, the place of improvisation, the place of the muse is also the place of healing at the heart of a native American ceremony. Through art I found my way home, I arrived at my first native ceremony in 2000 already a veteran, I understood the terrain. At their core a native healing ceremony and a true creative space are the same terrain. I have spent much of the last ten years exploring ritual and trance in ceremony.

It has been a long passage, from artist to ritualist and now to be back combining all that I have learned with the goal of creating images and art, which are reflective of that heart of ceremony. The goal is to find that space of pure creation, to capture beauty, truth and healing. I believe in the revolutionary power of art. I believe art and ceremony can heal us. I believe the muse has something to say. I invite her in and offer my tools for her purpose.