Valentina Vitols |

I work with an Atlas in my mind. I’m fond – and interested – in experiences as the consequence of a multi-layered process that combines features, gestures, words, emotions, and pride in people. Visually, I kneel down and put my camera up to worship actions as simple as bicycle ride or a distracted woman drinking water. People and objects are alphabets and I want to mingle with their stories when welcomed. Sometimes I do loudly. Sometimes I keep very quiet. Limits like optical ranges disappear when it comes to jump into stories of astonishing strength, enlightenment, fatigue or sorrow. I observe the eyes of the grown ups and the unmistakable gentleness in the pupils of the youngest, then craft a photograph or several with the only purpose to have them noticed. I roam around and that’s my work. I look out for the combination of human and city landscapes, for those showing willingness to get up proud or just let you: both the tireless one that dreams to become a thriving citizen, or the one that drifts towards nothing, exude an exuberant beauty I don’t want to let go.

I want to be there. I have seen the most awe-inspiring forms of illumination on people’s faces and in places just touched by dim light; from time to time, it can blinding and hard to understand and, sometimes, simple as a candle that sputters and dies. Along with sides, spice, tears, laughter or shortness of breath, everyone has a story to tell.