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These Free Presets for Your Mac

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  • Free photo editing tools designed for mac units
  • These free presets and its value on your mac
  • Free lightroom presets for your photo images

If you think your preset is not something that will work with your mac, think again, there are free lightroom presets for mac you can download on the web.


Presets are not for Windows-use only, meaning for desktops. Your mac is very much a part of the presets scene because there are tons of free lightroom presets for mac that would prove vital to the development of your photography.

Though these presets are specifically designed for mac units, their effect still has that same quality you get with those from windows. In fact, there are presets for mac that are considered sophisticated you can use them unless you’re using mac products.

Nevertheless, these are the types of apps that will take you to that next level in photography. If you are striving to make a name for yourself in the photography world, then you better take some serious consideration on these free lightroom presets for mac right now.

As soon as you download that desired template, that preset of your liking, use it via your mac pc or laptop and start experimenting with it. These free lightroom presets for mac are a joy to keep; these are tools that are capable of unleashing the inner beauty of your images from mere ordinary to sophisticated photos.

A lot of designers are doing their stuff on their mac units, and it goes without saying that they rely so much with these free lightroom presets for mac every time they make adjustments and changes to their images.

If you have a photographer friend who has a Mac, why not give him something that is compatible with his cool gadget, that is, presets? Talk about giving something that’s out of kilter, but nevertheless puts a smile on the receiver. Presets are great gifts for photographers who happens to use Mac, so what’s stopping you from giving it your friend?

Now, that’s the kind of editing you want, in the first place. Your mac can do so much for the development of your photo if you download these free lightroom presets for mac from the start.


Reading Top Reviews from Sleeklens

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  • Banking on these top lightroom presets review via Sleeklens
  • Making a difference through these presets review for lightroom
  • An online site that offers intelligent reviews on photo editing and enhancement

You really can’t underestimate the value of reading these top lightroom presets review at Following the tips you can get out of these reviews, though, you will be able to enhance your photography in so many ways.


These are reviews, by the way, from expert photographers, those who have been in the business for years. Far from banking on some pre-fabricated theories on photography, these photo artists know exactly what they’re talking about, something that beginners can learn a lot from.

These are the types of content that you can read from these top lightroom presets review at In fact, if you instill the habit of reading these reviews, soon you will be able to copy the styles of these photographers, and eventually create your own. That would have been impossible if you don’t get some tips and suggestions from these reviews.

If in the past you don’t have this habit of reading reviews, maybe it’s about time you make some changes and start reading an article or two from now on. And these top lightroom presets review at would be quite a start.

It is perfectly fine to emulate some of the styles from these seasoned photographers, all photographers, nevertheless, has to start at something. And what better way to jumpstart that photography career of yours than these top lightroom presets review at

As in the concept of using coupon codes for your supplements, courtesy of these iherb reward code from, these reviews serve as coupon codes for you to choose the best workflow for your images. That is the gift that these reviews offer you. You become a proficient if not an expert photographer in the process.

Read as much reviews as you can get from This might come as a surprise, though, but reading reviews spells the difference at times between good and bad photography. So inculcate that reading habit from now on.


Photoshop Overlays and Infoparrot

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  • Checking in on this list of overlays from photoshop through
  • Doing some coating procedure on your images through photoshop overlays
  • A tool that you need to use when coating or covering your photo images

Developing or creating an overall mood of your photo is what makes photoshop overlays so interesting. If you can create that kind of mood or atmosphere, then it’s only a matter of time before you generate a lot of following on the web, mainly because of these overlays.


Now, infoparrot has set its sights on that for quite some time now. In fact, this infoparrot list of photoshop overlays is one of the most sought-after collections you can get online as far as overlays go. These are the tools that you use if you want to make some noise in the photography scene.

Overlays, to start with, allow you to enhance the overall look of your photo, regardless if it has a winter feel or a summer mood. Photoshop overlays enable you to do some coating procedure on your images, to avoid posting flat, unimaginative images on your website or social media page.

So this infoparrot list of photoshop overlays comes in just in time, that is, if you are now considering making some adjustments and editing of your photo images. This is the list that you need to check out as soon as you are making some significant changes in your pictures.

Enough of these ordinary tools that doesn’t even perk up the imagination. Go for this infoparrot list of photoshop overlays from now on, and create images that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a professional photographer or a mere enthusiasts, these photoshop overlays will definitely pay dividends, not just in garnering more followers online, but developing your photo art on to that next level.


10 Artists Revisit a Sense of Place at City Hall Galleries

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Anticipation, by Kathy Liao


A Sense of Place II examines themes of home and the familiar as imagined by a collective of 10 local artists working in photography, painting, printmaking and mixed media. The exhibition, opening on Nov. 5, was juried by Juan Alonso and features artists of the IDEA Odyssey Collective. IDEA is a visual arts collective dedicated to supporting artists of color and artists who explore culture, identity and diversity in their work. The exhibition will be installed in City Hall until Jan. 3. There will be a public reception from 4 to 6 pm on Nov. 7.

Juan Alonso says the works he ultimately selected, “reflect a specific time or place that triggers a universal longing for the idea of home and each artist provides us with their unique sense of the familiar.”

A Sense of Place II includes work by co-founders Minh Carrico, SuJ’n Chon and Carina A. del Rosarioas well as Michele Domingo, Victor Fuentes, Kathy Liao, Jo Moniz, Darius Morrison, Gregory Schaffer and Robert Wade.

The City Hall Lobby Gallery, 600 4th Ave., is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.  For more information, call (206) 684-7171 or visit


One More Week for History X, Contemporary Y

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cadelrosario_-1070133-180x140IDEA Odyssey Collective current exhibition, History X, Contemporary Y features work from 13 artists who approach our notions of past and present in very diverse ways. Artists include Daniel Carrillo, SuJ’n Chon, Carina A. del Rosario, Victor Fuentes, Naoko Morisawa, Joe Park, Karen Portzer, Roy Powell, Christina Reed, Liz Ruest, Star Rush, Phil Stoiber and Robert Wade.

The exhibit runs through July 31st at Tougo Coffee in Seattle’s Central District, 1410 18th Avenue.



IDEA Odyssey is back, on the move, and wants your art

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The IDEA Odyssey Collective is back in action and, now, on the move. Rather than maintaining a regular gallery space, we will be organizing exhibitions in various locations.
Be a part of our next show, History X, Contemporary Y, at Tougo Coffee in the Central District, by submitting your artwork for consideration by April 22, 2013. Seattle-based artist and teacher Mark Takamichi Miller is the guest juror. The exhibition’s title plays off of the collective’s slogan, “historic neighborhood, contemporary art,” and asks contributing artists and viewers to explore how our histories shape our contemporary understanding of representation and identity. Selected work will be exhibited June 20 through July 31, 2013. Funding for this exhibition is provided, in part, by the Washington State Arts Commission.

Click on History X, Contemporary Y Prospectus for PDF with more information and submission form.

For more information, email us at


IDEA Odyssey in Canton Alley

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cadelrosario_-0055-300x201Just in time for the holiday season, IDEA Odyssey is back! This time, behind the green door in Canton Alley. Collective members SuJ’n Chon, Carina A. del Rosario, Victor Fuentes and Darius Morrison are featured artists in the SCIDpda‘s Canton Alley Pop-Up Shop, right next to the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Along with original art and notecards, you can find great t-shirts and other design gift items. Part of your purchase helps the SCIDpdacontinue to assist low-income elders, small business owners and community development in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District! Holiday shopping hours are through this Friday, from 10 am to 4 pm. Cash and checks are accepted.


Opportunities for Artists

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Our friends at the Wing Luke Asian Museum (WLAM) and Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) have two opportunities for artists.
SCIDpda presents its annual EXPOSED: Little Saigon Photo Contest. Explore Seattle’s Little Saigon and capture it in one of four categories for the contest: culture (images that represent the Vietnamese culture, people or heritage of the area), spaces and places (buildings and streetscapes that define Little Saigon), food (food enjoyed and bought in Little Saigon), and the marketplace (a local Little Saigon business in action). Deadline for images is Wed., Oct. 31st, at 4 pm. Check out Exposed: Little Saigon for entry details.

Also, start working on new art now or looking through your past works for WLAM’s Beyond Race 2013 exhibition. According to the exhibition prospectus, “Potential themes for artwork include but are not limited to:

The intersection of race with gender, age, class, sexual orientation, immigration status, and other identities.

The rise of multi-racial individuals and families in the U.S.—does this change the meaning of race?

Immigrant/refugee perspectives on race in the U.S.

How art can express pain, grief, rage—and still inspire healing

Historic roots of race and racism—resulting realities today and visions for the future.

Different forms of racism: personal prejudice, structural inequity, overt and “hidden” racism

Is white still the American “norm”? Is there a new American norm?

Talking about race: subversive or patriotic?

Cultural appropriation versus cross-cultural exploration/inspiration.”

If that has stirred up some ideas for you, get to work! Deadline for submissions is Feb. 1, 2013.Contact Mikala Woodward for more submission details.