IDxID: New Identities Revisited

January 15 – April 9, 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 16, from 6 to 7:30 pm at 800 Convention Place, Level 2 Galleria – North in Seattle

IDEA Odyssey reprises its 2012 juried exhibition, IDxID: New Identities for a new showcase at Washington State Convention Center this winter. This group exhibition is curated by C Davida Ingram.

Many of the artists from the original exhibit remain centered in the updated group exhibition for ID x ID. This includes new work in portraiture from the exhibition’s original artists – painter Kathy Liao, mixed media artist Kat Larson and photographers Zorn B. Taylor and Rafael Soldi. The interdisciplinary artist ilvs strauss, video artist Frederic Moffet and photographers Mihai Coman and Rafael Soldi keep their original offerings. The expanded vision for the show offers a focus on primarily photo-based works. The newly added artists include photographers Carina A. del Rosario, Dave Kennedy, Minh Carrico, and Rodrigo Valenzuela, along with printmaker Darius Morrison,

“One of the intrigued aspects of the show was how often the artists forayed into making work as a formal series,” says curator C. Davida Ingram. “The impulse of the show is to push against identities as simple knowledge while acknowledging that the way we make self-knowledge or become know-able is iterative, complicated, vexing, pleasurable—hell, even at times incredibly short-lived before we become something or someone else entirely.”

Contributing Artists
Minh Carrico
Mihai Coman
Carina A. del Rosario
Dave Kennedy
Kat Larson
Kathy Liao
Frederic Moffet
Darius Morrison
Rafael Soldi
Zorn B. Taylor
Rodrigo Valenzuela