One. Single. Solitary. Individual. A part of a whole. A beginning. A completion of a cycle, a revolution.

In commemorating IDEA Odyssey’s first year as a collective gallery, our members asked the featured artists to reflect on the theme “one.” These artists are from very different geographies and cultures, yet politically and socially, they are identified under the same category – Latin American.  In very distinct ways, they defy the notion of a singular racial aesthetic and present diverse visual explorations of the ways in which their experiences, cultural landscapes and influences come together.

Our newest IDEA Odyssey Collective member, Nicaraguan-born painter Victor Fuentes, recalls the countryside where he spent part of his childhood. Although he has lived in Seattle since 2001, he continues to bring those early memories to the canvas in a vibrant expression of color.

Photographer Wanda Benvenutti focuses her lens on Puerto Rican life in United States. Puerto Rico and its Commonwealth status have created a culture and a people that straddle two worlds. “Especially inspired…her portraits of everyday people are framed to cut right to the essence of her subjects.” (The Seattle Times)

Jacque Larrainzar considers the meaning of the individual, community or isolation, and new beginnings. Her paintings, in the style of Mexican retablos, depict her life experiences as a Latina lesbian living in exile in Seattle.

While these individual artists present very unique perspectives and styles, they embody IDEA Odyssey’s vision of promoting contemporary art that explores diversity, culture and identity.


July 5 – August 31, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12th, 2012, 5 – 8pm


Contributing Artists:

Wanda Benvenutti

Victor Fuentes

Jacque Larrainzar