Anniversary Raffle

Thank you for supporting the gallery and congratulations to the raffle drawing winners!


Raffle Drawing #1
“Dawn At The Ganges River” by Valentina Vitols
Winner: Bretnie Esenbach 






Raffle Drawing #2
“Pots” by Victor Fuents
Winner: Rhonda Syphax 






Raffle Drawing #3
“St. John’s Bridge” by Star Rush
Winner: Allison Iguchi






Raffle Drawing #4
“Gingko Leaves” by Carina del Rosario
Winner: Juris Vitols






Raffle Drawing #5
“It Never Should Have Been Like This” by Darius Morrison
Winner:Soya Jung






Raffle Drawing #6
“Protection Thru Quality” by Minh Carrico
Winner: Ed Vitols






Raffle Drawing #7
“Kids of Sanepong” by SuJ’n Chon
Winner: Amanda Slepski

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